LA VALLÉE de la BREUILH series, 1990-present

La Breuilh (Pierre-Buffière), France                                                                ©   Bruno Chalifour, 2006

This is the river of my childhood. As kids we used to bathe there and play, moving rocks and pebbles and build small dams. As a teenager and adult it has always been on my running/jogging/walking map. It is my favorite location in the village outside Limoges where my parents have always lived since I was born. It has also become my son's favorite spot. Every time we come to France and spend some time at my parents', he asks to go there.

I took some of my very first photographs there. It is a soothing and deeply connecting place. I have always photographed it. Most recently I have tried to work on specific "assignments" every year. This particular photograph was taken in the summer of 2006 using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX1 (8 Mp) and its 16/9 format. The advantage of using such a camera resides in its small size, easiness of use, and immdiate result that allowed me to correct my exposures until I reached what I was looking for: a festival a light, movement, and deeply idiosyncratic colors.